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Dear Stock Trader,

My name is David Roy,
I make an extraordinary living trading hot penny stocks market. Would you like to have massive profits in the penny stock market every day?While other traders are seemingly banging their heads against their computer or tv without getting anywhere.
For the past seven years i have been trading successfully and helped many people to achieve their financial dreams.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually get my hot penny stocks alerts daily and cash in massive profits from the Penny Stocks?


Luckily You've Come to the right place...


Have Little or No Investing Experience in Penny Stocks? No Biggie.

The Hard Work Is Already Done For You & You Can Get Started Making Huge Profits as Early As Tomorrow! (seriously) And Best of all


We will supply you exactly your entry (Buy) price, stop loss and your exit (Target) price so there is never any guessing on what to do. The information you will receive from us is easy to understand and simple to follow. You will receive emails including buy price, sell price. We’ll get you on your feet in a jiffy. Seriously, it’s as simple as opening a brokerage account, sending them a check to fund your account, and clicking the “buy” and “sell” buttons within your brokerage account for individual penny stocks that you will be trading.


It’s just that simple..

A novice Investor Terry Turned $1,000 INTO $11,000



David Roy have spent around 7 years and developed a secret system which analyzes multiple factors for determining when a stock is about to break out of its “normal cycle.The system is able to identify winning penny stocks long before the investor interest (volume) arrives…which means the system can identify the correct time to buy, assuring that you get in at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE and see the LARGEST PERCENTAGE OF INCREASE!.




David's system scans thousands of most undervalued Hot Penny Stocks companies Daily and discovers the ‘buy point’, “Stoploss point” and “Profit limit point” so that you know exactly when to buy…putting you ahead of the wave of investors that are about to come pouring in!



It’s a simple 2-step process.

Step 1: Read your email . (Probably something you do anyway.) Be sure to check for the signal alerts that we will send you.

Step 2: Decide how much you will invest and in which Penny Stocks. Sit back and let your money grow.




Words are nice, everyone can write about how good a

system is, But, how many can provide actual PROOF?



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Due to the Incredible Response to This offer, Membership to David's BestPennyAlerts Newsletter will be limited to only 500 new subscribers.  In an effort to provide the best possible service for our members, our support staff and service providers have advised us to close our doors to new membership once our capacity has been reached.This Offer is Available For a Limited Time Only:

Current Positions Available :



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A 400% Incease in Account Of Bill (A former Bank Manager)




Recent Penny Stock Alerts



CVRG up 1,000% in 1 week!



CTIC up 320% in 3 days!!



PIR up 102% in 1 day!



VSTN up 280% in 11 days



EESO up 2,400%



AIG Up 148%



ANTS Up 119%


BNVI Up 57%



XPRT Up 41%



ANPI Up 55%




If you start following BestPennyAlerts penny stock picks with just $200, you can turn it into $1,000 in your first month. You can then turn that $1,000 into $10,000...that $10,000 into $50, get the picture!

This is the reality of compound interest and superb investing when they are paired together. If you think my math is off, please check it for yourself. You’ll see firsthand that compound interest truly is very, very powerful. Check compounding calculator here

It doesn’t matter if you start investing with $100 or $10,000. The gains still add up very, very quickly.


Of course not 100% of the hot penny stocks picks issued from our newsletter result in net gains but a high goal is still very reachable in a short period of time even when a few net losses need to absorbed.

However, if you have absolutely no tolerance for risk, this newsletter is not for you. We do not want any of our subscribers to be the type of investors who can’t handle taking a loss. It does happen often with penny stocks. Due to their volatility, they can increase in value quickly or decrease quickly also.

We do minimize our losses, but one needs to bear this truth in mind before he or she joins our newsletter.

Look what Jeff is saying about Best Penny Alerts

Really Think: What You Will Do with Your Penny Stock Market Earnings?

Sure, we all want more money. Every single one of us has a list of things we would spend a sudden inflow of cash on. Some of us want the dream home or the dream car, for others it’s vacations or having no debt. Maybe it’s being able to pay for our kids’ education or retiring early. Whatever the case, it is really about freedom.

Just imagine, wouldn’t it be amazing to have the freedom that comes with being financially secure? If you want to buy something, you can. If you want to take time off from work for a vacation you can.

Little by little you become free to do whatever you want to, because it is no longer your 9 to 5 job and the bills in your life that are dictating how you spend your time. Because you have made the decision to put your money to work for you in the stock market, it is growing and allowing you to do what you’ve always dreamed of.


Listen Closely… Where will you be in 5 years from now? Will you still be sitting at the same desk you are now, earning just a little more? With the help of BestPennyAlerts, you could be financially free to do whatever it is you desire.





Wondered how it would feel like to live in a house like this?? Imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up every morning and enjoy a good cup of coffee next to the swimming pool. Then turning your laptop on to check and see how much money you made today trading the markets! How about spending the rest of the day with your kids & family?


All along, your envious neighbor keeps wondering how the hell you manage to afford this luxury and the Dodge Viper in your garage?




Life is for living and not for working my friend. Picture yourself enjoying the freedom to do whatever you want WHENEVER you want. Escape the daily rat race and live the independent life you always dreamed of.


You Can Get Your Hands On The

BestPennyAlerts For Just
$777 $97 One


Time Investment



Yes you read that correctly just $777 $97


The bottom line is this isn’t for everyone and I recognize that.Not everyone is interested in trading Penny stocks on a daily basis, but everyone is interested in making money.I am looking for serious people only who want to make serious money by following my exact strategy to make you a fortune in hot penny stocks.If you are a courageous individual who likes making money and is willing to take very calculated and controlled risks to maximize your gains and minimize any loses, then the BestPennyAlerts are exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Let me stop here for a second

If you join my hot penny stocks newsletter I will allow you to use my service and trade alongside me each and every day,.If you haven’t made a SIGNFICANT PROFIT within 60 days than you can qualify for 100% refund of your membership fee.How many stock brokers will make that kind of Guarantee for their service?  None.I am willing to make a statement like that, and more than willing to back it up.



60 Days Money Back Guuarantee


 Now you just have to act. I hope to see you on the other side.




David Roy



Due to the Incredible Response to This offer, Membership to David's BestPennyAlerts Newsletter will be limited to only 500 new subscribers.  In an effort to provide the best possible service for our members, our support staff and service providers have advised us to close our doors to new membership once our capacity has been reached.This Offer is Available For a Limited Time Only:

Current Positions Available :






David Roy's


BestPennyAlerts Membership

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$777  Only $97


One time payment - No hidden fees


This is a one time fee only. You will never be re-billed


Ordering is quick, easy and safe via PayPal and Credit Card . Simply click on the payment button here below, select your choice of payment and become member

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